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TIS is the leading Online Islamic Academy for those who want to learn Islam and Quran online by way of distance courses. TIS has developed an extensive curriculum for learning Quran and basic Islamic education.

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 "As for me, The Islam School is the best online source to learn Quran." 

—Numan Ahmed, Aberdeen, UK.

About Us

About Us                                                                                      

The Islam School is the leading Online Islamic Academy for those who want to learn Islam and Quran online by way of distance courses. We have developed an extensive curriculum for learning Quran and basic Islamic education. Our distance courses utilize unique online learning tools, and combine both ancient and modern methods of teaching. Study Islam online through our innovative online Islamic classes and experience it for yourself.

  Alhamdulillah, The Islam School has acquired a reputation as one of the most respected, reliable, and ethical online Quran teaching institute. Unlike some other online Quran tutoring portals, we have had one single aim, and that is to provide our students, or anyone for that matter, be it Muslim or non-Muslim, with Free Quran Education for the first three days so that they can have a hands-on experience of their subsequent Quran lessons.

 We are aware that there are number of websites which make references to Free Quran Lessons, yet when one contacts them one discovers that they require a huge fee upfront. We believe one should deliver what one promises and you will be pleased to find that when it comes to The Islam School we always deliver what we promise.

  Indeed, we have had to make massive expenditures in managing and maintaining The Islam School’s website, screen sharing software, and high speed internet, and related hardware in order to offer an outstanding experience to our students. The Islam School provides you with the highest standards of online Quran learning by employing the latest technology available for online learning. With the help of Allah, Subhana’Hu’wa’Ta’Aala we have endeavored to make your online Quran learning experience as pleasant as possible so that those who seek to study the Quran can do so in the most convenient manner – without any constraint of time or place via a user-friendly website accessed daily by hundreds of users worldwide.

  The Islam School’s teachers would be happier in talking to you to assess and discuss your needs and to offer you our Free Quran Lessons when you contact us via phone, fax, or email. Our aim is to simplify and facilitate your Quran learning experience and make it distinctly different compared to other online Quran teaching schools. We do not demand an upfront deposit for the Quran lessons we offer and are here to provide you free Quran training and tutoring service for the first three days so that you are completely satisfied. We pray to Allah, Subhan’a’Hu’wa’Ta’Aalah, to helps us succeed in our efforts to spread His word.

Attention to Individual Learning Needs 

  We provide one-on-one Qur’an learning classes enabling our qualified tutors to pay full attention to individual learning needs of the student. Our qualified tutors access students current level of already learnt Qur’an and recommend where to start learning Qur’an with The Islam School.

Qualified Tutors

  Our tutors are highly qualified and experienced who know how to keep on going easily with a student in a friendly environment to produce best results. They have several years of teaching experience. Every student is not same and has individual learning needs. Our tutors access and pay attention to the students’ needs and make the classes the most beneficial. Most of the Teachers are

  • Hafiz-i-Quran (Have memorized whole Quran)
  • Well aware of rules of Recitation.
  • University graduates in Islamic studies.
  • Well trained to teach Quran online.
  • Have excellent command on English, Arabic and Urdu languages to converse with their students and to deliver lectures.
  • Highly motivated and they understand the complexities faced in this profession. They have an urge to go for the maximum results.






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