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TIS is the leading Online Islamic Academy for those who want to learn Islam and Quran online by way of distance courses. TIS has developed an extensive curriculum for learning Quran and basic Islamic education.

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 "As for me, The Islam School is the best online source to learn Quran." 

—Numan Ahmed, Aberdeen, UK.

QK-01 Quran for Kids

Course Code: QK-01

The best start program designed for children. Students will be learning multiple courses including Basic Qaida (QC-01) and essentials of Islamic Teachings and Practices.


Level1: Quran

  • What is Quran?
  • Surah Al-Kawthar
  • Surah Al Fatiha
  • Surah Al Kafiroon
  • Surah Al Ikhlas
  • Surah Al Falaq
  • Surah An Naas

Level 2: Kalima

  • Kalima-e-Tayyib
  • Kalima-e-Shahadah
  • Kalima-e-Tamjeed
  • Kalima-e-Tawheed
  • Kalima-e-Astaghfar
  • Kalima-e-Raddi Kufr
  • Islam and Imaan

Level 3: Islamic Knowledge

  • Allah the greatest creator
  • Prophets of Allah
  • Durood shareef
  • Books of Allah almighty
  • Our enemy
  • Stone from paradise
  • Islam & pillars of Islam
  • Khana-e-Ka’bah
  • Masjid-e-Nabawi
  • Guardian angels
  • Paradise and hell

Level 4: Salah/Namaz

  • What is Salah?
  • Who do we worship?
  • Names of 5 prayers
  • What do we do before Salah?
  • The key to paradise
  • Salah step by step

Level 5: Islamic Manners

  • Sleeping and waking up
  • Before doing any work
  • Before & after eating
  • Thank you and sorry
  • Sneezing
  • Drinking water
  • Entering and leaving home
  • Entering and leaving Masjid
  • Ascend and descend
  • Saying Alhamdulillah
  • Du’a for knowledge


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