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TIS is the leading Online Islamic Academy for those who want to learn Islam and Quran online by way of distance courses. TIS has developed an extensive curriculum for learning Quran and basic Islamic education.

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 "As for me, The Islam School is the best online source to learn Quran." 

—Numan Ahmed, Aberdeen, UK.

SC-01 Salaat & Dua

Course code: SC-04
Pre-requisite: QC-O1 (recommended)

This course explains and teaches the method of performing Salaat including memorizing Surah. Also it teaches reciting of Dua‚s after prayer, method of Wadhu & Ghussul. After completion of this course student will be able to perform Salaat correctly 5 times a day.


Level 1

  • What is Sala’at?
  • Essential requisites for offering Prayer
  • Wudu (Ablution)
  • Ghusl (Bath)
  • Tayammum
  • Miscellaneous Notes

Level 2

  • Azan
  • Illustrations of Sala’at
  • The Obligatory and Essential Factors of Prayer
  • Performance of Prayer
  • Problems of Sala’at
  • Classification of Prayers

Level 3

  • Fard Prayers
  • Wajib-Ul-Witr
  • Salat-Ul-Janazah (Funeral Prayers)
  • The Curtailment of Obligatory Prayers
  • Forbidden Times For Prayers
  • Salat-ul-Jumu‚a (Friday Prayers)
  • Wajibul ‚ID (The ‚ID Prayers)
  • Nafl Prayers
  • Miscellaneous


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